About me

I work as Rigger Artist

Educated as 3D animation Technology with 6 years of experience, I work as Rigger Artist, on bipeds and quadrupeds, cartoon character and props. I’m also skilled modeling artist focused in cartoon character, environments and props.


  • Maya - (modeling, rig, muscle).
  • Mudbox – (painting, sculpting)

Some projects

* Tsum Tsum - Disney Animation Serie.

* Godzilla - Future 3D film (anime).

* Jungle Shuffle - 3D Film.

* DrW - 3D Animation Serie.

* The Harvest - Horror christmas shortfilm.

* Drive me Bananas - Mobil video game.

* Nebula Realms - MMO (PS4 / PC).

* Ride with Me - Developing 3d future film.

* Turno de noche -  Real action shortfilm.